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Different foods – different adaptations


Animals and their mode of feeding

Mammals and their foods


Composition of milk in different mammals

Milk – the basic food of all mammals

Nutrient composition of mammalian milk

Structural adaptations, mode of feeding and type of food

Carnivores and herbivores: structural adaptations to the mode of feeding

Marsupials – variety of dentition


Cellulose digestion in the stomach – rumination

Cellulose digestion in the caecum – re-ingestion

Herbivory: digestion of plant food

Herbivores with low nutritional requirements

Adaptations for the digestion of animal food

Carnivory: digestion of animal food

Adaptations of carnivores for the digestion of animal food


The brown bear – a typical omnivore

Diet of the Red Deer

Environmental changes – dietary changes

Composition of the Red Deer's diet over the year

Nutritional specialization in mammals

Nutritional specialization

Blood-feeding mammals