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Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch – the fathers of microbiology

Preliminary microbiological examination

The microbiological examination

Different shapes of bacterial cells

Saprobiotic and pathogenic bacteria

Pathogenic bacterium – Helicobacter pylori

Characteristics of pathogenic bacteria

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tuberculosis – the course of the disease

Tuberculosis – a widespread disease

Treatment of tuberculosis

AIDS and tuberculosis

Salmonella – pathogenicity and prevention of infection


Typhoid fever in nineteenth-century England

Cholera – an acute intestinal disease

Cholera – an ever-present threat

Cholera epidemics in the nineteenth-century

Plague – the transmission and course of the disease

Yersinia pestis

The spread of plague

Plague – and the

Plague epidemic in Europe

Syphilis – the course of the disease

Treponema pallidum

Syphilis – delicate but deadly

Syphilis screening

Action for a healthy society

Health – the responsibility of all society