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Reproduction in vertebrates

Sexes in vertebrates

External and internal fertilization

Methods of fertilization in vertebrates

External fertilization in newts and salamanders

Different methods of internal fertilization

Reproduction in cartilaginous fish

Reproduction in bony fish

Reproduction in fish

Spawning journeys of fish

Viviparous eelpout – a viviparous bony fish

Development of amphibians

Ambystoma tigrinum

Reproduction in amphibians

The structure of a reptile's egg

Reproduction in reptiles

Parental care in birds

Structure of a bird's egg

Nesting habits of the European cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)

Reproduction in birds

Platypus and echidna

A kangaroo and opossum

The development of placental animals from fertilization to birth

Feeding the youngs

Reproduction in mammals