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How many cells

The first division of a single cell

The second division of the cells

The third division of the cells

The exponential character of cell division

The effect of cell division

Cell divisions

Cell divisions – uncontrolled division

Cell cycle – G1 phase

Cell cycle – S phase

Cell cycle – G2 phase

Cell cycle – M phase

Cell division and the cell cycle

The cell cycle and its impact on the cell division

The cell cycle

Mitosis – prophase

Mitosis – metaphase

Mitosis – anaphase

Mitosis – telophase


Continuity of genetic material

Meiosis – prophase I

Meiosis – metaphase I

Meiosis – anaphase I

Meiosis – telophase I

Meiosis – prophase II

Meiosis – metaphase II

Meiosis – anaphase II

Meiosis – telophase II

Phases of meiosis


The process of crossing-over

The process of crossing-over


The importance of mitosis and meiosis

Haploid and diploid cells

The comparison of mitosis and meiosis

The differences between mitosis and meiosis

Asexual reproduction in bacteria

Other forms of cell division