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The chemical elements of life

The elements of life

Water – the basis of life


Water molecule

The structure of amino acids

Amino acids – the basic units of proteins

Amino acids

Proteins – the building blocks of life

Proteins – the building blocks of life

Primary structure of protein

Enzymatic reactions


The structure and function of lipids

Lipids – the energy source of the cell

Triglycerides as fat storage

Trigliceryde molecule

Insolubility of lipids in water

What are phospholipids

Phospholipids and steroids

Lipids – structural elements of membranes

Phospholipid molecule

The occurrence and structure of carbohydrates


Disaccharides and polysaccharides

Carbohydrates – structure, presence and function in living organisms

Starch and glycogen

Carbohydrates – as storage materials and structural elements

Cellulose and chitin – structural elements

Starch molecule