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Transpiration and its significance to plants

What is transpiration?

Peridermal transpiration

Cuticular transpiration

Stomatal transpiration

Types of transpiration

Types of transpiration

Structure and functions of stomata


Stomata – structure

Stomata – structure

Distribution of stomata in different types of plant

Number of stomata on a leaf

Mechanism of stomatal opening and closing

Internal regulation of stomatal movement

Stomata – the mechanism of opening and closing

Air humidity

Air temperature

Air movement


The effects of external factors on the rate of transpiration

Factors affecting transpiration

The effects of sunlight and soil water on the rate of transpiration

Adaptations of plants to dry habitats

Cacti as an example of xerophytes

Adaptations of plants for survival in dry conditions

Adaptations of cacti to dry conditions

Adaptations of plants to dry conditions