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Four main phyla in the kingdom Fungi

The features that fungi share with plants and animals

The structure of fungal cells

Features of fungi

Ecological and economic significance of fungi

Chytridium confervae

The life cycle of a chytrid Synchytrium endobioticum

Chytrids (division Chytridiomycota)

A chytrid – Allomyces

Mucor mucedo

The life cycle of Rhizopus, a typical zygote fungus

Zygote fungi (division Zygomycota)



The life cycle of Neurospora, a typical sac fungus

Sac fungi (division Ascomycota)

Examples of sac fungi

The structure of a cap fungus

A cross-section of a cap fungus

A fragment of a lamella

Edible mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms

The life cycle of a cap fungus



Fruiting bodies


Diploid zygote

Methods of reproduction in other club fungi

Map lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum)

Lichen (micrograph)

Structure of a lichen

The roles of the constituents of lichens and the growth forms

The life cycle of lichens

Lichens (division Mycophycophyta)

Growth forms of lichens

The diversity of lichens


The role of mycorrhiza


Types of mycorrhiza

Type of symbiotic association known as a mycorrhiza