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The structure of fatty acids

Unsaturated fatty acids

Saturated fatty acids

Cis and trans isomers

Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids

The diagram of the triglyceride structure


Percentages of fatty acids in a plant fat and animal fat

Triacylglycerols – reserves of energy

Adipose tissue – different functions

The structure and role of phospholipids

How do phospholipids behave in water?

Phospholipids – structural lipids


Accumulation of cholesterol

Sterols as constituents of living organisms

The cholesterol levels in the organism

The diagram of the steroid hormone synthesis

The synthesis of vitamin D

The breakdown and removal of cholesterol

Steroid compounds – synthesis site and function


β -carotene

Waxes making up the cuticle

Plant and animal waxes


Other important lipids